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Editors should protect the reputation of their journal(s) and published work by only publishing content of the highest quality and relevance in a timely and responsible manner. The Editor is in charge of maintaining the mission and scope of the journal and for choosing papers that give new, unique, and vital contribution to expand an individual’s knowledge. Editors have a responsibility to keep up the integrity of the published literature, if required, by publishing errata or rectifications recognizing anything of importance, withdrawals, and expressions of concerns as quickly as possible.

Editors should read and understand Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease Press as well as its ethics policy, and follow them during all editorial processes. Editor must act in accordance with the policy guidelines provided by the publisher and fulfill the responsibilities bestowed upon with integrity.

Editors should carry out thorough, objective and confidential peer review for original article submissions that pass the initial quality check and editorial assessment, in adherence with Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease Press guidelines and journal’s ethics policy. Timely suggestion to the respective journals for covering relevant and significant topic by the Editor is essential for the growth of the journal. They should ensure transparent review and publication process as far as is possible, with full respect and care paid to the author(s).

Editors may provide advice and give reasonable explanation and updates to authors during the submissions process and once a decision has been made. They ought to accept only those papers for publication which are based on the original merit, quality and relevance of their content and ensure that all personnel involved in the publication process understand that it is inappropriate to manipulate citations.